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Born and raised in London, Vee is a 23-year-old musician now based in Lagos. She says she is going into the house to make people laugh and have fun.

Vee Profile

Full Name Victoria Adeyele
Age 23 Years
Sex Female
Nationality Nigerian
Place of Birth Lagos
Marital status Single
Occupation Musician


Victoria Adeyele is 23 years old and is a musician living in Lagos, Nigeria. Born and raised in London, she moved to Lagos last year to begin her musical career.

She says her parents are Nigerians and that she loves to play, laugh, and go out.


She moved to Lagos in 2019 to begin her music career. For Victoria ‘Vee’ Adeyele, a London musician based in Lagos, Nigeria, her most significant achievement was performing at the Palmwine Music Festival last year.


Vee mentioned that she had never had a relationship that lasted longer than six months.

Interview with BBNaija

What new habit or skill did you acquire during lockdown? Definitely sleeping for hours on end.

What are your words to live by? Live every day like it is your last.

Vee; image credit: BBN

What is your biggest achievement? Performing at the Palmwine Music Festival last year.

Victoria “Vee” Adeyele is 23 years old. She is a musician and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


Recently, Vee was in the news for a controversial statement she made to the Big Brother Naija house.

Vee revealed that he loves the iPhone and hates touching Android phones. She announced this during the ongoing Big Brother Naija 2020 Q&A session.

Android or iPhone? The housewives questioned her, and she replied, “I don’t even like androids touching my hand; I’m an iPhone person.”

Her response sparked immense discontent among viewers, and many have to turn to Twitter to respond.

@emphany_beshi: “I don’t like Android touching my hands” Oppo coming to endorse Vee #bbnaija.

@DonPhlexx: Please all the people using Android phones should never vote for this mumu called Vee. Let’s see how far you’ll go before your are kicked out of the BBNAIJA house!

@nursingfada: Nobody shd use android vote for thiz Vee oooo. ori e bi ti biscuit yen. olorigbeske

@Sirfreshsemi: No Android user should vote for Vee, and we should all make sure she leave the first time she’s up for eviction.



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