History Of The Ohafia People – The Home Of Brave Warriors

Ohafia, being a local government, and a clan as well, is an Igbo-speaking town in Abia State, Nigeria. Elu being among the 26 villages that made up Ohafia, is the ancestral home of the Ohafias. It is about 31.13 miles, about 50.1 kilometers away from Umuahia, the capital city of Abia State.

The 26 Villages in Ohafia:
Abia. Akanu. Amuma. Amankwu. Amangwu.
Amaekpu. Asaga. Amuke. Elu. Ebem.
Eziafor. Isiugwu. Ibina (Ihenta). Nde Nku. Nde Okala.
Nde Anyaorie. Nde Amogu. Nkwebi. Nde Ibe. Nde Orieke.
Ndi Nduma Awoke. Nde Uduma Ukwu. Okagwe. Oboro.
Okon-Aku. Ufiele.

According to history, Ohafia people are said to have emigrated from Angoli to Isi-Eke but flee the place one night after hearing the calabashes’ rattling sound. They believed their territory was attacked, while others headed towards Ngodo, while others went opposite Isuochi. A man, Ezeama Atita, and his sons led some toward Abam. On reaching Abam, the wife of Ezeama’s son was pregnant, which made him settle down there with his family, while the rest headed to Ugwumgbo.

Ohafia ancestors were said to be brave warriors known for their brilliance in war. Ohafia warriors were rumored to be looking for where there was a war to showcase their prowess. This hunger for war eventually made them war mercenaries. After each battle won, they would go home with slaves, which would be under their services.

There was a time the bravest warrior was selected with the number of slaves he has and the number of human skulls they took from war. It was said that only those were allowed to wear the eagle’s feather.

In Ohafia, they have a war dance celebrating war achievements. A leader headed the dance with a basket of human skulls called Oyaya. With him are a palm shoot, and a small cutlass while others walk along with mimics someone cutting human heads.


History Of The Ohafia People - The Home Of Brave Warriors
Warriors of ohafia dancing with oyaya (image credit: legit.ng)

Ohafia, also known for its hospitality, treats its visitors with great respect. Every visitor that comes to Ohafia would be welcomed with native white chalk (Nzu) while the oldest offers and prays over the kola nut he takes before handing it to the youngest in the house to provide their visitors.

Ohafia is blessed with rivers like the Mmori River in Ebem, located along the federal roading bridging Ohafia to Abam. The Ifutiti Waterfall at Amaekpu which is more than 300 feet deep, while there is another waterfall at Uzoasuga in Akanu Ohafia.

Ohafia boasts of the Nkpogolo forest reserve, where farming, hunting, and deforestation were banished. They Have the Ezri Ofri Cave at Amaekpu, which is said to cover some places in Elu, 8 km away from Ameakpu.

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