Do you know that winner of the African cup of nation takes home more money than the winner of the FIFA confiderations cup?

The African cup of Nations


The Africa Cup of Nations is another of the football trophies with high worth. This trophy is also the AFCON or Total Africa Cup of Nations. This Africa soccer tournament started in the continent in 1957, and since 1968, big Africa international sides contest for the trophy every two years.

The African cup of nation
The African cup of Nations 

Since its inception, Egypt is Africa’s most successful, winning the tournament seven (7) times. The beauty of this tournament is that African internationals from all over the world leave their club sides and return to represent their home country. This may cause some instability in their various clubs, but it shows how much they cherish this trophy.
According to Wikipedia, the prize money that the AFCON receives amounts to $4.5 million.

It seats seven on the list of ten major tournaments in terms of worth, ahead of the England FA Cup, where the winner takes home £3,600,000 and the FIFA confederations cup where the winner takes home $4.1 million.

The FIFA World cup sits first on the table.
Here’s the complete list.

10 The Spain Copa del Rey. € 1 million
9 The FIFA confederations cup. $4.1 million.
8 The England FA cup. £3,600,000
7 The African’s nation’s cup. USD$4.5 million.
6 The European Europa league. €8,500,000
5 The Copa Libertadores. US$12,000,000
4 Copa America. $21.5 million
3 The UEFA European championship. €27m
2 The UEFA champions league. Nineteen million, but the winner can take home up to 85 million.
1 The FIFA World cup. $38m (£30m), but it’s worth over 100 million.

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