Africa has been awarded three spots in the new edition of the FIFA club world cup.

According to FIFA, three clubs from Africa will now represent the continent in the expanded 2021 Club World Cup in China.

FIFA Club has an increased amount of participating clubs to 24 teams from all over the world, and the first edition will take place in China next year.



Initially, it was a competition of seven clubs, which are the seven continental champions of the seven continents. This usual seven clubs will be part of this year’s version of the tournament.


The FIFA Council also decided that the Club World Cup will not be a yearly competition anymore and that it will take place every four years like the world cup.


The team slot was shared with Europe getting the lion’s share of qualification spots as both the champions league winners and the runners-up of competition between 2018 and 2021 will qualify, giving the European football a total of eight places the tournament.


South America get six spots, while Asia, and North and Central America has three places each, and Oceania with only one spot.


The qualification process for African clubs will be dependant on the 2021 CAF Champions League, where the champions and the runners up of the tournament have an automatic qualification, and the last spot will be struggled by the losers of the semi-finals, the winner of a playoff between the semi-finalists will qualify for the 2021 Club World Cup.


The current champion of the African champions league is Espérance Sportive de Tunis

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