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Nailah Blackman is a Trinidadian singer-songwriter most strongly related to the soca genre. Nailah Blackman’s grandfather, the late Garfield Blackman, well known as Lord Shorty or Ras Shorty I, invented a musical style known as Jamoo and is credited with inventing the Soca as a means of revitalizing the calypso music.

Her mother, Abbi Blackman, is a successful calypso star herself. Nailah is the niece of Avion Blackman, Los Angeles-based singer Christafari based in Christian Reggae and Nehilet Blackman.

Nailah Blackman Wiki

Born Nailah Blackman

Date of birth December 2, 1997

Age 22

Place of birth San Fernando, Trinidad, and Tobago

Occupation Singer-songwriter

Years active 2013–present


Nailah Blackman Biography

Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, & Tobago, into a family of musicians, Nailah Blackman grew up influenced by the sound and art of the musical traditions of the sounds of juice and calypso. At the age of 4, Blackman began singing regularly, and two years later, she entered her first competition in calypso. Her professional career than occurred at the age of 11. It is not only classically formed by voice, but also by various instruments such as guitar and keyboard.


In 2016, Blackman performed her song “Runaway Train” for the Pixel Play exhibition of the movie Towne. The performance raised her national profile and helped create a buzz ahead of the 2017 release. Blackman collaborated with internationally successful soca actor Kes on the song “Workout,” which became a massive hit during the carnival. Trinidad, as of 2017, continues to enjoy lasting popularity. “Workout” led Blackman to the final of the 2017 Soca Monarch International Competition.


Nailah Blackman made a name for herself with the official release, the hit song Workout, a partnership with Kes Dieffenthaller that was released for the Trinidad Carnival season (February) 2017.

In 2017, Blackman also released “Bailah Mami”, produced by Anson Pro Soverall.

In 2018, Blackman’s most popular songs were released, including “O ‘Lawd Oye” and “Badishh,” the latter featuring Jamaican dancehall singer Shensee.

In August 2019, she released her first EP, “The Reel” which included the single “Sweet & Loco.”

In July 2020, Nigeria’s AfroPop artiste Adekunle Gold featured her in his single titled AG Baby off his album and with this, Nailah has cemented a place in the Nigerian Music Industry.


Her first successful event was Sokah Origins, which she launched in December 2017 to mark her 20th birthday. Since then, he has also launched LahLahLand, an event for Trinidad and Tobago’s families and children. She has just completed her second installment of Sokah Origins: Iron Love.

Nailah Blackman, a 21-year-old singer, conquered the Caribbean in two years.

Since then, Nailah has quickly taken hold of the Soca and Caribbean music scene, with the backing of her producer Anson Soveral, constantly releasing hits and working with some of the greatest artists, from Shensee to Ding Dong Ravers and legends like Taurus. Riley. Its unique sound has attracted artists from all over the world from Africa, Asia, and Sweden, working with Salvatore Ganache.

Awards and Nominations

Miss Blackman is more than an artist, paying attention to innovation and creativity, always thinking of new ways to add value to entertainment in the world.

  • In 2018, Nailah was nominated for the BET Viewers’ Choice Award for Best New International Act and had over 50 million views on YouTube in total, not counting other music platforms.
  • She won the Groovy Soca Female of the Year Award with Baila Mami at the International Soca Awards in Santa Lucia.
  • Nailah was nominated for Best New Soca Artist and Best Collaboration at the Your View Awards in Jamaica.
  • She won the Best New Crossover award at the TTCO Awards in Trinidad and Tobago, and her song “Sokah” was chosen by NJAC as one of the 20 best calypsos of the year.
  • Nailah received the New York Senate Cultural Ambassador Award during Labor Day 2018 celebrations in New York City.
  • The rising star was nominated for BET’s Best New International Performance competition in 2018.

Having achieved such tremendous success and progress in just two years, there is no question of where the young firefighter will go in the next few years!

2019 was promising a fantastic year, with bookings confirmed in September in Japan for the Japan Soca Weekend. Remember the name because Nailah Blackman is here to stay!


According to Celebs Dating Pedia, she is presently single. She is not dating anyone. We don’t have much information about past relationships and past engagements. According to our research, she has no children, and she started singing at the age of four and entered her first competition in Calypso two years later. Her professional career began at the age of 11.

Nailah Blackman Net Worth

Her net worth is speculated to be $1-5million as of 2020.





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