#BBNaija Day – 50: Housemates Finds Their Beautiful With ‘Darling’ And a Dashing Hair Runway Show

A Darling runway show

Yesterday’s night mission showcased the creativity, style, and words spoken at the world-class Darling show.

After their hair and photos were taken on the  mission, the Lockdown housemate took on their second challenge, the Darling Find Your Beautiful Hair Show. For this task, all the teams had to design their themed hairstyle for a world-class hair runway show creatively. In addition, each team had to show through spoken words/poetry how they found their beautiful with Darling Hair.

The journey to finding their beautiful

In addition to the first challenge, three boxes with mood boards, hair products, and hair accessories were available to the housemates. Team names were clearly written in each box for easy identification. Special costumes for the parades were also packed in customized Darling boxes. The male housemates again helped their female team members design pre-made ponytail  in each box. Each team was asked to style their hair in a unique way for the parade at the arena.

For hairstyling sessions at Darling Studio, all housemates were required to wear the Darling capes provided.

World Class hair runway show

For this activity, the house chose prince as the anchor. His job was to moderate the showcase on the podium by presenting three different teams in order. Once each team was invited, they were to strut their catwalt and present their spoken word immediately.

First off, Team Braids

So the Crochet team

The Empress team closes the presentation

Victory for Team Braids

The criteria established for both tasks were teamwork, creativity, and a perfect representation of an unstoppable woman. In the first round, Teams Braids and Empress scored 30 points each, while Team Crochet scored 26 points. For the Darling Runway Hair Show, which was their second assignment of the day, Team Braids scored 28 points; The team crochet 30 points, while the Empress team scored 25 points. The total points that each team has increased in two tasks are as follows:

Team Braids, 58 points, while crochet and Empress scored 56 and 55 points, respectively.

Congratulations to team braids for winning the Darling Find your beautiful task. As a reward, the team will receive a cash prize of three million naira.

Find your beautiful

Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates found their beautiful today in Darling Hair task!

Black is Beautiful is the focus of today’s Find Your Beautiful Hair task. Split into three teams; the male partners helped the women style their hair for two hours before participating in the photoshoot to complete the first part of the task.


The teams were selected by housemate by selecting names in the box were as follows:

Team braids: Trikytee, Nengi, and Prince

Hook in the team: Dorathy, Neo and Laycon

Team Empress: Vee Ozo and Kiddwaya

Styling on Fleek!

The roommates entered the living room and went to work. It must be said that the guys did a good job preparing for the confrontation with the photography. Afro wigs are provided for boys to find their own beauty while participating in photography.

Did they knock the lights out?

The family did their best. Not only because of the ability to model but also because of the role of art directors.

Nengi brought her fierce face through a carefully directed photograph of Prince, and with the help of Trikytee, the two showed exemplary guidelines to brought her glory in stunning ways.

Dorathy got her sexy, all of her moves carefully chosen by Neo, with Laycon at her behest and asking for everything she needed. Teamwork was the name of the game as they went through the moves to capture the best photos.

Vee brought a face full of attitude to her face; she was promoted and encouraged by Kiddwaya behind the camera and Ozo, who was there to join her in support. The team brought out the overall teamwork as their task was getting complete.

All the teams have been very creative, and we are waiting to see who will be the ultimate

Working the brain

The housemates of Big Brother Naija Lockdown need some time to practice their thoughts and mouths as they practice in the arena.

From day one, you’ve seen the Housemates in the arena working on their fitness; although it’s never really a place for drama, it’s a place we can compensate for the housemate conversations. Even today, it was no different because Ozo apologized to Nengi, and Laycon and Vee spoke about life experiences.

Ozo apologizes to Nengi

As they walked into the arena, Ozo apologized to Nengi, feeling it had something to do with his bad mood that morning. Although Nengi claimed that she and Ozo had already resolved the differences, he did not appear convinced. Eventually, when Nengi asked them to leave the topic alone, they moved the conversation around the house. Ozo concluded that he wanted to close his eyes and find himself at the end of the trip, to which Nengi replied that he should enjoy every moment of his stay.

Laycon and Vee talk

They started from the sideline, but soon Laycon and Vee had to get their legs moving. The two talked about a party on Saturday night. They were impressed with the recognition of DJ Kaywise. The two explained how they could know that the actors had watched the series so far and that they knew their names. The couple walked the rest of the session laughing and talking about life.

Putting in the work

While they weren’t in the best of conditions when Lucy left, there’s no denying that Lucy and Dorathy have spent a lot of time together, working out and dancing over the past two weeks. Today Dorathy, as a team of one, working on her fitness and working up a sweat.

Neo kept pace throughout training, running around the arena during his training. Prince started running with Neo but continued to squat. Neo and Prince both seemed very distant is morning through their training and jobs. Kiddwaya and Trikytee trained together, but quietly this morning.

While we know that housemates can have low energy in the morning, It was extremely low today, which made us wonder what will come next in the morning. Stay tuned.

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