#BBNaija Style Focus: Durags, Bandanas, Sunshades, Piercings, and Tattoos

Aside from the relationship drama and the usual catfights in Big Brother Naija’s lockdown house, what you can’t take away from these housemates is their sense of style. This year the housemates came fashionably prepared and did not disappoint.

The guys are taking the cake because they’re obviously more modern. They have made many style statements with their clothes and accessories.

Some of the popular fashion trends that the housemates have reintroduced are durags, bandanas, sunshades, piercings, tattoos, and of course, chest-bearing.

Let’s explore all the different fashion trends at Big Brother Naija Lockdown House:

Durags and Bandanas

Without a doubt, the most stylish housemate in the house today is Neo. He arrived at Big Brother, very prepared with durags of different colors to wear with his clothes.

The other is the reigning Nigerian titleholder Nelson Enwerem aka Prince, who completes his look with black or red durag, which betrays a rapper’s vibe.

There’s also Kiddwaya turning heads in his usual tracksuit and sweatpant that he never fails to pair with the accompanying bandana, not even when seeing Biggie in the diary room.

TrickyTee also competes with Kiddwaya for the title of King of bandanas. he is another housemate who elegantly incorporates a bandana into everything he wears while maintaining the look of a “bad guy.”

Durags became a popular fashion item in the late 1960s among African American rappers, athletes, and young men who used them to maintain hairstyles like waves and dreadlocks.

Recently evicted housemate, Praise, was famous for his earrings and durags

These headpieces were used in different styles and for different purposes. The bandana can be used as a headband to keep hair and sweat away from the face and as headbands and caps to keep the hair in place.

In general, durag and bandana can be combined with everyday clothes to get a cool and attractive look.


The roommates also came prepared with their various sunshades. Although many people believe that sunshades should only be used outdoors as sun protection, some housemates have shown that sunshades can look great indoors.


The housemate Tolanibaj is at the top of the sunshades game as she even rocks them at night in her elegant dress combinations like the icing on the cake.


Erica, Nengi, Wathoni, and Dorathy also belong to the sunshade Gang.


The housemates are also very cheeky and experimental when it comes to their hairstyles and have been noticed wearing blue, green, blonde, and even red wigs.


Laycon has characteristic dreadlocks that he styles regularly.

Laycon and Prince donning Durags and bandana

Praise is about the only housemate with talented hands when it comes to hairstyles. He is known to effortlessly style the housemate’s hair every Sunday when Darling Hair Salon is open to them.


Piercings are also another hot trend for female housemates. In addition to multiple ear piercings, Lucy and Vee also have navel piercings.

Lucy with blond hair

Lucy has a few extra ear piercings, while Vee and Tolanibaj have nose piercings.

Chest baring

Chest baring is another style these housemates brought with them to Big Brother’s house. Almost every boy in the house has embraced this trend. Neo, Prince, and surprisingly Brighto are the champions of this goal. Laycon shows off his chest sometimes, but not as much as Neo, Prince, and Brighto.


Although not that common, at least three of the housemates have had their body inked. The most obvious is that of praise, on which most of the upper part of the body was inscribed. His right chest and arm are covered in ink.

Kiddwaya wears his signature bandana

There is also Nengi with a tattooed thigh and Dorathy, who has hers behind an arm.

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