BBN Updates: What Are The Housemates Childhood Aspirations?

Ahead of the Sunday night eviction, which is always a nightmare to the rest of the housemates, aside from the Head of House, Nengi, whose immunity covered her from getting evicted, the remaining seven housemates held a diary session in which Big Brother questions them of their childhood aspirations.

We heard Ozo saying his childhood aspiration had always been to be a footballer but as a goalkeeper. We recalled that Ozo’s input during the Sports Trivia game was finessed with incredible prowess. He admitted he would like to feature in a national team to showcase his admiration as a goalkeeper one day.
Neo, who was briefly on his childhood aspiration, said all he ever wanted was to be famous. Maybe he is close to achieving that once he leaves the Big Brother as his active involvement inside the house has gotten him the fame he wanted.

As perceived, Laycon’s admiration towards music, his freestyles, musical performances, and most of his talks centers on him being in the music industries with the big names. He told Biggie; that all his life, he always dreams of becoming an artist, and as seen, he is near getting there.

Laycon, while talking with Trikytee yesterday, admitted that when they came new to the house, he was expecting to be evicted from the onset but grace, and his loyal fans had helped keep him in the place till now.

As she calls herself, big mama told Biggie that she had wanted to be an accountant right from childhood. Dorathy jokingly insinuated that he used to think that people who count money will end up having lots of money – which she admits to having been wrong.

Beautiful Nengi, when she was asked, told Biggie that she had dreams of attending an aviation school to become a pilot in the future. Seeing her energy and activities within the house would tell one that she is a fighter who gets what she wants on the determination.

Former HoH, and the funny-bone in the house, Trikytee replied that when asked of his childhood’s aspiration, he confessed that he wanted to go to a Naval school where he would come out as a Naval Officer.

Vee, the songbird, admitted she wanted to become a doctor when she grows up, but given to the fact that she has been taking music seriously, she might divert to music to feed her fans with good melodies.

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