Fashion Hack: 6 Tips To Care For Your Leather Goods.

YOUR leather goods can last as long as possible if you take care for them properly. Leather goods are as sensitive as your skin. They need care to keep it in top condition over the years. With excellent care, they still age and be beautiful as new. Here are 6 tips in 3 states for maintaining your leather products.


Tip 1: If your leather gets dirty, wipe it with a damp soft cloth or good brush to remove dirt from the surface. Don’t use any objects like soap or the like, just use a damp cloth to keep it clean. You should avoid water because moisture Makes it look dull.

Tip 2: If the leather is wet, dry it slowly at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight or a hair dryer, room temperature with moderate air works better than direct heaters. Beware of quick drying which can change the chemical structure of your leather.


Tip 3: If your leather is too dry, rub it with a leather care lotion. The leather needs proper nutrition and care to maintain long-term flexibility. Twice a year, use a quality leather care lotion to keep your bag young. It will also prevent the leather from drying out.

Tip 4: Hydrate your leather properly. Use a leather cream or filling, preferably recommended by your vendor. Always use a clear lotion if you do not have a matching lotion color suitable for your leather. Put a small amount of lotion on a brush or cloth and apply it evenly over the product and let the lotion dry.


Tip 5: Keep your leather in shape. Maintain shape by making sure the bag contains only the most important items. Just learn how to wear the right amount and keep it in shape if you want it to end. Pay attention to marks, carry pens or items in protective cases.

Tip 6: wrap it in baking paper. Leather products need a little air, so don’t wrap them in plastic. Store your leather in a place with good air circulation. You keep it in shape by filling it with newspaper stuffing.

Also, fungi can thrive during the rainy season, so scrub them with quality leather care products that may be commercially available or can be obtained from your vendor. Quality products not only protect your leather  but also extend the age of your leather goods.

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