The sad story of chijioke Iloanya, who was murdered by the beast CSP James Nwafor at the famous Abbatoir, SARS Awkuzu

The sad story of chijioke Iloanya, who was murdered by the beast CSP James Nwafor at the famous Abbatoir, SARS Awkuzu


In 2012, Chijioke who was coming back from a child dedication was arrested at Ajali and was taken to the police station at Ajali and when the parents got there, they were informed that SARS Awkuzu had taken the arrested boys. So the parents headed down to the SARS Awkuzu where they met CSP James Nwafor, who blatantly lied that there was no new arrest and that the boy wasn’t in his station as the parents where still they, the said boy was led in, hand cuffed with other boys. The mother screamed and pointed at him, identifying that this is her son but the CSP ordered that they be chased out of the station and they pushed the parents of chijioke out of the station.

The next day, they went back and he told them that he had killed their son and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. The mother of the boy collapsed immediately on hearing that and was rushed to the hospital. Other officers said that the csp was bluffing and that he obviously wanted them to bring money. They sold lands and properties, gathered money and brought but he did not budge.


They had no option than to go to the then commissioner of police, Mr Bala nasarawa, who called csp James Nwafor to ask about the boy but he the csp said that he had a shoot out with arm robbers and unfortunately the boy was among. The parents objected, said they saw the boy at the station but then he denied again, that he never arrested the boy. The then commissioner looked this boy’s parents, with his rank, and said there was nothing he could do since he denied arresting or detaining the boy.


So they proceeded to human rights and of course, with the broken system fo Nigeria, the human rights took money from them and promised them heaven on earth but nothing happened, they did not see the boy.


The next year, early 2013, people that made it out of the station said that chijioke was still there, that the family should probably make more offer, which they did and it all became abortive.


Since then till now, nobody knows where chijioke is.


When over 100 bodies were dumped in Ezu river  by James Nwafor led SARSchijioke’s father swam in the river filled with dead bodies trying to identify his own son but to no avail. You could imagine.

If chijioke was a criminal, wouldn’t it have been a legal thing to take him to court with evidence? Wouldn’t it have been a legal thing to let his people know his whereabouts?


Chijioke is one of the Numerous killings of the csp James Nwafor.

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