#EndSARS – The Untold Story Of the #LekkiMassacre at the #LekkiTollgate (Watch Videos)

Among the sad incidents that would continue to be told even in future when one comes across the #EndSARS tragedy is the #LekkiMassacre that happened on the 20th of October, 2020 at the Lekki Tollgate commonly tagged ‘The Black Tuesday’ by Nigerians.

During the EndSARS protest which the citizens of Nigeria also air out the brutality from the Police, and at the same hand seek for reformation from the governments. Thousands of stories by Nigerians who narrates their encounter with the Police unit – the Special Anti-Robbery Squad which claimed lives, left an unforgettable dis-figuration to some of its victims.

While the peaceful protesters who left the comfort of their homes to sleep on the road not minding the harsh weather nor any danger that might occur were as usually protesting at the Lekki Tollgate at exactly 06:45 p.m. when the military men arrived in three Toyota Hilux vans. On landing at the Tollgate, these men on military attire opened fire towards the unarmed protesters who were reciting the Nigerian Anthem while waving the Nigerian flag. 

According to the fundamental human right, the military has no right to take away life without the person being arrested, charged and prosecuted by the court. Being a law that everyone must respect as per no one is above the law, and the law guides everyone.  



Everyone present on the evening of the Lekki massacre claimed that many people died while some were left injured. Among the peaceful protesters was a known Disc Jockey by the name, DJ Switch who took to her Instagram account to share the ugly incident life, for the world to see, narrated how the military men after the shooting and disbanding the gathering, took away the dead bodies that were left there. They reportedly stopped few ambulances that came to carry the ones that sustained gunshots and other injuries but later allowed them at a point while some Police officers came there later to mop up the grounds. 


DJ Switch amidst tears said she saw the military men cart away with not less than 15 corpses that bloody Tuesday. 

According to the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, he blamed the shooting on “Forces beyond the direct control” which no one is yet to understand. However, he initially claimed there was no one killed from the shooting while the Amnesty International reported that ten were killed during the Lekki shooting.  


Governor Sanwo-Olu in an interview discredited the numbers that were brought backing that there was no bloodstain when he went to the scene nor relatives of the reported lost ones. The Nigerian Army equally denied ever fired shots at the protesters after they claimed they were not the ones at the Tollgate, but they later claimed the State Government ordered for their deployment.

Residents of Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, situated 2 km from the Tollgate reported having found a dead body floating in the lagoon.





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