A South African Scientist That Built A Rocket Fuel And Had A Planet Named After Him

South African born, Siyabulela Xuza was born in Mthatha, the capital of Transkei, in 1989.

Xuza who was obsessed with chemicals once reportedly blew up their kitchen in Eastern Cape when he was twelve years old — an occurrence that didn’t mar his ambition of building a record-breaking rocket and more energy-efficient rocket fuel.

Siyabulela Xuza was honored to have a minor planet named after him by the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

In 2000, the minor planet in the main asteroid belt near Jupiter was discovered and was renamed ‘23182 Siyaxuza‘. Having graduated from Harvard University, the South African is said to be developing new energy technologies to power Africa and save the planet.

According to TimesLIVE, Siyabulela’s passion began after he saw an airplane dropping political pamphlets. While he was busy imagining why and how it could fly, other boys were busy after the pamphlets.
He reportedly said we wish to get to the largest planet in the solar system but with a special kind of rocket fuel which he said he had started working on.

The Presidency of South Africa rewarded Xuza’s experiment that had resulted in a successful launching of his home-made rocket, which gave him the Junior South African amateur high-powered altitude record.

The experiment was primarily was for his science project at the National Science the Dr Derek Gray Memorial Award for the most prestigious project in South Africa, earning him an invigation to the International Youth Science Fair in Sweden in 2006, there he presented his project to the King and Queen of Sweden and also attending a Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm.

According to world known scenario organizer, Clem Sunter; announced that Xuza was among the brightest students of 2008 from Anglo-American Open Scholarship.

“I managed to design a rocket and broke the South African Amateur Altitude Record. I entered the Eskom National Science Expo and won gold, as well as the Dr Derek Gray Memorial Award for the most prestigious project in South Africa.

“The best prize, however, was to be invited to the International Youth Science Fair in Sweden… The consequence of that was to be entered into the world’s biggest student science event at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the US. I won two top awards, but what really made my day was that the NASA affiliated Lincoln Laboratory was amazed by my project that they have named a minor planet after me”

Xuza and was invited by the UN and the New York Stock Exchange to help offer strategic plans to solve the world’s energy crisis.
He became the youngest member of the AU-affiliated Africa 2.0 Energy Advisory Panel that was invited to Mombasa, Kenya, in seeking for a sustainable solution to Africa’s social and economic problems.


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