6 Ways to Always Look Natural and Flawless With Foundation

Powder application is probably one of the most important parts of natural-looking makeup. If the foundation seems too accentuated, your search for another skin will fail. It is crucial to ensure that the powder blends completely into your complexion.

If you’re looking for ways to make your powder look like other skin, look no further. Here are six ways to achieve that flawless, ever-unreachable finish.

Photograph by Austin Wilcox at Unsplash

Know your skin type

When choosing a foundation, choosing a formula that suits your skin type is perhaps the most important factor. We recommend a moisturizing formula for dry skin and a matte finish formula if your skin is oily. It is also important to consider the type of product: if you have oily skin, you can use a balm-type foundation, while someone with dry skin may prefer a liquid foundation.

Prepare your skin with hydration

Before applying the foundation, you need to create a luminous canvas. It’s simple: dry skin and foundation don’t mix. To boost your shine, you need a moisturizer that’s thick enough to hydrate, but thin enough to look good underneath the foundation.

Prime as needed

Primer create a silky-smooth, poreless canvas for makeup adheres to. When applied correctly, it helps keep face and eye makeup all day long without sliding, fading or creasing. For a slightly dewier finish, opt for a water-based primer.

Find your right color match

If your foundation is darker than your neckline or too light for your skin tone, there’s no point in wearing one. To avoid this, choose the three powders closest to your skin tone and apply a sample of each on your jaw down to the neck. Anyone which seems invisible is your match.

Right Blending Technique

How you apply foundation is up to you, but if you want the absolute best finish, photoshop-level, go with beauty blenders (or any good makeup sponge). This is because the brush bristles leave little streaks and lines on the face, and your fingers or hands can’t buff, blend, or smudge the foundation in a way that feels natural.

Blot, Don’t Dust

To hide shine, avoid using loose powder and instead use blotting papers. This step not only removes shine, but it also leaves a flattering glow.

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