6 Menswear Items You Should Immediately Steal From Your Man’s Closet

To clarify, “what’s his, is yours”. Technically, it’s not stealing. Why add items to your cart while they’re sitting in your man’s closet, quietly urging him to pull them out and do the right thing? Isn’t it ironic that some men’s clothes can easily be mixed with women’s clothes? men’s clothing for women.

Wonders never end when the concept is in the right hands, and that’s especially true of the “(wo)menswear” trend. The twists and turns this trend keeps making are very much welcome, and if you’re still sitting on the fence, you’ll miss a lot. You better jump right into the men’s closet and start hanging out. It’s worth it!

Take a look at 6 men’s clothes you should steal. If at that time!

#1. His jackets

Your man’s oversized jackets for dinner may be the perfect outerwear you’ve been missing this season. It’s true. As well as enhancing any casual look, shoulder pads create the illusion of a longer silhouette. Rock this look with denim shorts, leather pants or with a classic t-shirt like Angel Obasi, as done above for that killer vibe.

#2 His Slides

With summer approaching, and with it your quest for effortlessly cool fashion, make the menswear wardrobe the first stop of “shopping” for lazy slides. This hot weather is very simple and creates an effortlessly chic look when used correctly. If you’re looking for style inspiration, let Idia Aisien and Leonie Hanne guide you.

#3 His Jeans (The Boyfriend Jeans) 

Aha! Now see where the name comes from. There’s no better place to shop for the perfect boyfriend jeans than in your man’s closet. This menswear is a wardrobe essential that can make any woman look effortlessly stylish. Combine it with heels and a loose blouse or a V-neck blazer.

#4. That his Socks

If you haven’t already stolen all of his socks in a mock attempt to cool off, now is the time. The new trend of wearing socks over sandal heels and basically any other footwear shouldn’t let you down. Right! Go for it, we are firmly behind you.

#5. That Huge Shirt with Buttons

Finally, you can appreciate your man’s bigger build. These button down shirts will soon be styled in multiple ways. They can be worn alone or with jeans, heels or sneakers. Whichever style you choose, you can’t go wrong.

#6. His Gold Wristwatch

One of the most useful menswear items you can add to your accessories archive is his gold watch. Is it loose on the wrist? That’s the whole idea. Mix it up like a bracelet and/or layer it with other plain pieces.

If your man insists on knowing whose idea it was, haha it wasn’t me!

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