Brazil has the biggest street party in the world, what about the biggest street party in Africa?

You can choose to go  to the biggest party in Africa instead of Rio de Janeiro to celebrate carnival.

The Calabar Carnival
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Calabar Carnival is an annual celebration that takes place in Cross River State, Nigeria. It is sometimes referred to as “Africa’s Biggest Street Party” or “the Pride of Nigeria.”


The governor, Mr. Donald Duke, designated the carnival to be a commemorative event, and it takes place every December. Every year, Christmas is celebrated. The city of Calabar, often called Canann City, is located in southeast Nigeria. Actually, Cross River State’s capital is Calabar. The Calabar and Great Kwa Rivers, as well as the Cross River’s streams, are all close by to Calabar. The pride of Nigeria is said to be the Calabar Carnival.

Without a question, the Calabar Carnival is the largest, greatest, and longest tourism event in all of West Africa. It draws over two million revellers and has attendees from more than 25 different nations. Even a fifty million strong television audience watches the Battle of the Bands and Street Parade! Carnival celebrations all across the world have been greatly influenced by African traditions! Samba, soca, and steelpan are just a some of the several carnival music genres that have benefited from their contributions.

The Calabar Carnival

African slaves, who used to outfit themselves in masks, feathers, and other decorative materials, had an influence on the vibrant, colorful costumes that you see in Brazil or the Caribbean carnivals. African traditions even inspired a variety of carnival dances. Calabar Carnival, the best carnival in Africa, is a month-long celebration chock full of fun activities. The Street Parade, which includes the Battle of the Bands, is the climax of the Calabar Carnival. One of the few highlights at the Calabar Carnival is the Parade. In addition to nonstop celebrations, there are ceremonies, concerts, art exhibits, street parties, masque events, and sporting events.


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