There’s also party in the Sahara, The international Sahara festival is a place to be in

The International Sahara Festival in Douz will be the ideal destination for you, your family, or your relatives over the course of four days, whether you enjoy music, history, sports, or just want a tranquil holiday. It’s always interesting to be in Douz.

An event hosted in Tunisia’s Douz every year. the ideal location to exchange your chilly winter days for four whole days of sunshine, music, and the arts. The event honors the long history of the Berbere people and the Mrazig tribe, who flourished in the Tunisian Sahara for many years and brought wisdom to the area through their art, music, and age-old customs.

Originally, the occasion was a yearly Bedouin bridal fair where nomadic families would gather, trade, and scout out potential candidates for their children’s future nuptials. Over 50,000 visitors from the local area and overseas have gathered to attend what was already a significant event in the Bedouin calendar. The festival is a crucial means of appreciating the traditional desert culture’s distinctive flair and authenticity, as stressed by the festival’s founders.

Travel to Douz, where the event is held, and see a stunning landscape through old towns and palm groves. A variety of events are planned to take you on a memorable journey to learn about the regional customs. Including a traditional wedding service, musical performances, and horse races.

You will also appreciate the distinctive art that helped to define the area. The richness of the culture that encapsulates the Berbere freedom and the Arabic beauty will be shown through music, galleries, movies, and a book fair.

Various races, including as a camel marathon, dog races, and thrilling horse races by fearless young Bedouin riders are part of the celebrations.

The Sahara festival
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Other activities include wrestling, a poetry reading and contest, traditional music, and vibrant dance. There are reenactments of traditional desert living scenes. The festival is often concluded by debates and conferences that feature foreign guests and topics relevant to the modern world. The Museum of the Sahara is also located in Douz and features


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