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5 Ancient Black Civilizations That Were Not in Africa

Ancient MesopotamiaAncient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia

Many scientists concluded that the founders of the first Mesopotamian civilization were the Black Sumerians. Mesopotamia is the Biblical land of Sumer that appeared around 3000 BC.

After deciphering the cuneiform text and studying ancient Mesopotamia for many years, Henry Rawlinson (1810-1895) discovered that the founder of civilization was Kushite (Cushite) origin. He explained that Akkadian and in-Semian Jews were black and called themselves sag-gig-ga or “carnations”.

John Baldwin wrote in his book Prehistoric State (1869): “The first settlers of Babylon were of the same race as the inhabitants of the Upper Nile.”

Other scientists, including Chandra Chakaberty, have confirmed this by stating in their “social and political studies of Hinduism” that “based on the statues and stelae of Babylon, Sumer.” The skin tone is dark (chocolate), small but hard, with oval cheeks, thick noses, straight hair, and full heads, which are similar to Dravidians not only in cranium but in almost every detail.


The Minoans Ancient Greece
The Minoans Ancient Greece

The Minoans Ancient Greece

Archaeologist Manfred Bietak has conducted extensive research into ancient Greek civilization and its connection with ancient Egypt. Bietak dug up evidence of works of art in 7000 BC, describing the earliest inhabitants of Greek-African Greece.

The ancient Greek culture of Minos peaked around 1600 BC. They are known for their vibrant cities, beautiful palaces and established business contacts. Minos art is considered an important era of visual conquest in art history. Ceramics, sculptures, and murals are exhibited all over the world at the Minos Bronze Age Grace Museum. The ruins of the palace mark the remains of paved roads and running water systems.


Indus Kush Civilization
Indus Kush Civilization


Indus Kush Civilization

On March 3, 2000, historian Runoko Rashidi delivered a speech on the existence of blacks in ancient and modern India in Honolulu, Hawaii. He said that when the Indo-European or Aryan nomads visited the Indonesian valleys and other fertile places in southern India, the face of India changed around 2000 ° C.

Before the invasion, blacks in India established a rich and advanced civilization. Author Wayne Chandler reviews his incredible discoveries of blacks in ancient India in his book Early African Presence in Asia. The famous cities of Harrappa and Mohenjo-daro are just two of the many cities built in black. These cities cover northern India and much of contemporary Pakistan.


Ancient Mexico
Ancient Mexico

Ancient Mexico

The Olmecs are an ancient civilization of America. Scientists like Rashidi, Ivan Van Sertima, and Alexander Von Wuthenau have found and shared evidence that the first inhabitants of Mexico were of African descent. The Olmecs are no different from the people of Mende in West Africa.

The most famous is the statue of huge stone heads from 1100 BC and its existence was even more evidence before the discovery of European explorers. The Olmecs were building pyramid structures in a Mexican country. They were also very artistic and created terracotta art with joint activities such as pottery and wrestling. Olmecs developed a calendar system around 3100 BC to increase its success.



Shang Dynasty of Ancient China
Shang Dynasty of Ancient China

Shang Dynasty of Ancient China

In a genetic study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Genetics, scientists found evidence that the first Africans arrived in China around 60,000 years ago. Population researcher and geneticist Li Jin said, “Our work shows that modern people first came to Southeast Asia and then moved to northern China. This supports the idea that modern people come from Africa. ”

In 2009 he published an essay in the book “Clear Words of the Dark Continent”; the anthology “Nibs Ra and Manu Amun” provided an overview of the ancient Chinese civilization. He pointed out that the first documented Chinese government was led by the Shang or Jiang dynasties between 1500 and 1000 ° C. The founder of the Shang dynasty, the Tang dynasty or king of the tower, was of African origin. Shang is also known as Nakhi, which means “black” (Na) and “man” (khi). King Tang and the Shang Dynasty were responsible for the unification of China and the creation of its first civilization.

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