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Ever Wondered Why The New York Mets Still Pay Bobby Bonilla?

Bronx born ex baseballer; Roberto Martin Antonio Bonilla would be getting over $20 million at the end of his deal from the Mets till 2035. Bobby Bonilla who made a 16 years appearance in the major baseball leagues between 1986...

African History

Bill Cosby Finally Freed After His Case Was Overturned By the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

83-year-old William Henry Cosby Jr. was finally freed from prison after serving more than two years over sexual assault charges which was overruled by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The retired stand-up comedian, actor and author was sent to the State Correctional Institution Phoenix in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in September to three to ten years in jail on...

African History

How A Black Freed Woman Mary Jane Inherited The Properties of Robert Lumpkin Including The Devil’s Half Acre Jail House

1867 in Richmond, a Baptist minister, Nathaniel Colver was looking for an empty land where he could build a school for training Black ministers.  After long walks through the streets, he met amongst a group of Black people, a fair-faced freed woman who almost looked like a white woman, Mary Jane Lumpkin, who said she had a place that will serve as a school, according to the school history as written by Reverend Charles H. Corey.  Mary Lumpkin was the widow of...

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