Black People

Where Do Black People Come From?

Where do black people come from? It seems like a question that is fairly easy to answer. If you are African, chances are that it is a question that would even confuse you. You probably are a black person and...

Lies Caucasian Told About Africa

Lies Caucasian Told About Africa

They tell us that our stories are not worth being universal models – that our stories are false, just because they don’t understand our heritage. They tell us that our ancestors were evil and that we should abandon them and...

Hanging of Black Soldiers in America

In 1917, Mass Black Soldiers in America Were Hanged

After Hurricane Harvey ruined Houston in September of 2017, recovery and clean-up employees discovered that vandals had put red paint over a historical marker at the one-time location of Camp Logan, recently rededicated to commemorate the one-hundredth day of remembrance...


Nigeria Discharges 5 Coronavirus Patients in Lagos

The Lagos State Government has discharged five (5) coronavirus patients at Infectious Disease Centre, Yaba Mainland Hospital. The patients were discharged on Monday after recovering from the COVID-19 and repeated tests came back negative. The discharged patients include three (3)...

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