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Cagn, The god of the Bushmen.


Cagn, The god of the Bushmen.

The Bushmen in African mythology worshiped Cagn. The San people of South Africa are known as the Bushmen. They are also known as Sho, and Basarwa. They are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa (and are part of the Khoisan group). Cagn is their creator God, an amorphous deity of many parts and capabilities, he can also be called Kaang, Kaggen, Kho, and Thora. The northern Bushmen call him Cagn or Kang, and the southern Bushmen call him Thora. He is a male god; he is known for his ability to transform into anything he wants to; he can change anything from an antelope to a praying mantis. They say he also owns magic sandals, which can turn into guard dogs.

Cagn, The god of the Bushmen.
Cagn, The god of the Bushmen.


Cagn is a creator god who often appears as a mantis. He has a wife, Coti; she bore him two sons, Gogaz and Gowi, both sons were culture heroes, they taught the people how to make digging tools with sharp stone points. After the creation, everything was going fine till man’s stupidity increased and started annoying Cagn; he had a friendly relationship with human beings. After human beings began to show disrespect toward him, Cagn sent death and destruction to the world, and then disappeared, no one knows where he went to, some Bushmen will say that he left the earth to live somewhere far off in the sky. whereas, in some Bushmen stories, they narrate that he died and then came back to life.


Cagn’s mysterious power is believed to reside in his tooth, which he sometimes lent to others who wanted added strength. Although he can work through all-natural things, he most often appears in the form of a mantis and a caterpillar. Myths about Cagn describe his triumphs over giants, ogres, and evil spirits. These tales inspire the Bushmen in their fight against Gauna, the evil leader of the dead’s spirits.

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