African Culture

African Culture is rich and very diverse, yet certain aspects unite this huge continent. Learn about the culture, heritage, customs, traditions and folklore. It also features a directory of African cultures list, African culture facts, different African cultures, African culture for kids, African culture art, African culture story, African culture activities, South African culture

Burial in west Africa
African Culture

Sadly, in West Africa, relatives no longer cry because they miss the dead; they cry because of the huge burial cost

We fully understand its culture, but what about when it places a heavy burden on the bereaved family? What are your thoughts? Burial in west Africa When a person dies in a poor family in West Africa, relatives no longer...

African Culture

Wedding in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, the Karo people usually enhance a young bride's beauty by tattooing and painting her body with different African symbols. Ethiopian wedding In Ethiopia, most marriages are negotiated by the two families, sometimes with a civil ceremony sealing the...

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