African Culture

African Culture is rich and very diverse, yet certain aspects unite this huge continent. Learn about the culture, heritage, customs, traditions and folklore. It also features a directory of African cultures list, African culture facts, different African cultures, African culture for kids, African culture art, African culture story, African culture activities, South African culture

African Culture

Origin Of Christianity In Nigeria

The origin of Christianity in Nigeria can be traced back in the fifteenth century through the Capuchin and Augustinian and monks from Portugal that sailed through the Atlantic to the shores of the region. With Catholic being the first denomination...

African Culture

What Was Life like in Ancient Egypt

Egypt's pharaohs have left a powerful legacy of stone architecture, monumental inscriptions, and none secular art, allowing us to reconstruct their achievements with a reasonable degree of certainty. But what was lifestyle like for the standard Egyptian? Here, Egyptologist Joyce...

André Leon Talley
African Culture

The 6 Black Fashion Icons You Should Know

Black Fashion Icons You Should Know These big names in fashion are contributing to expanding the representation of the African American community within the industry. From fashion to finance, minorities are vastly underrepresented in positions of power and influence. Although...

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