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Meet the Black Woman CEO Who is Taking Over the Freight Broker Industry

Nikisha Reagan is the founder and CEO of NR Swanks Freight Brokerage, one of very few Black woman-owned freight brokerages in the country. Based in Houston, Texas, her company offers top-notch broker services to hundreds of shippers and carriers, making sure her clients’ needs are met in the safest, most reliable, timeliest fashion. She specializes in PTL, FTL and LTL freight transports throughout the United States and Canada.

A rough start

Nikisha grew up in Houston in Trinity Garden, which is known as one of the poorest parts of the city. She lived in a two-bedroom home with her elderly grandmother, her five children, and her older sister. They had minimal financial resources.

During her adolescent years, Nikisha says she was the “black sheep” of the family. She spent most of her childhood in and out of the juvenile system and later the adult correctional system. Still, eventually, Nikisha decided that she had a bigger and better purpose in life outside of steel bars.

How she became an entrepreneur

At the age of 22, Nikisha went on to complete her high school diploma and received a certificate of completion for phlebotomy from Polytechnic Institute. She became a phlebotomist, and then later decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse. She was one of 25 students chosen out of 230 applicants to be accepted into a prestigious program, but she failed the final exam by 1/10th of a point. She had exhausted all of her financial aid to continue studying in nursing school.

“Doors were closing right after the other all around me,” she states. However, at this point, she boldly decided to invest in herself and start her own business.

In 2018, she stepped out on faith and used the funds that she was earning at her 9-5 as a phlebotomist to fuel her very own freight brokerage. She quickly became a successful middle-man (or middle-woman) between shippers of different companies and carriers across 48 states, including Canada.

Sweet success

Currently, Nikisha operates her business from the comfort of her home office. After five months of being in business, she is already generating six-figures. Despite life’s challenges, she has maintained her focus on succeeding regardless of what life throws her way.

Even more, she is very motivated about helping others. Seeking out other individuals like herself who are willing to invest in themselves, Nikisha has created an online training course on how to get involved in the freight broker industry. She teaches explicitly interesting ones on how to become freight brokers and dispatchers.

When asked what motivates her to continue to push towards success in her career, her answer is straightforward: God and family. Her motto is: “Slow feet don’t eat.”

For more details about Nikisha’s company, visit or contact her at or 832-889-8293.

To sign up up for her training courses, visit

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