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Samthing Soweto Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Songs, Albums and Awards

Samthing Soweto, by his real name Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba, is one of the most famous artists in South Africa with his album in the charts. His musical abilities to sing, produce and harmonize are the first-rate, and this sets him apart from his other teammates.

Samthing Soweto Biography and Profile

Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba, popularly known as Samthing Soweto, was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Samthing Soweto started actively and professionally in music in 2015, and He is a founding member of the South African group of Acapella, The Soil. Musical genius is responsible for the production of 8 of the 11 songs.

Samthing Soweto Age

The birthday of the artist born in Soweto and the age of birth are still unknown. All we know is that Samthing Soweto’s month of birth is January, as he tweeted a while ago.

Samthing Soweto Songs

His famous songs and hits include:

Omama bomthandzo
I dropped
ja skado
Now N
It’s for the fans.
Whether it be
Na na
Peace N nice things
Ngithanda (acoustic)
Samthing Soweto – bonus
Call my girlfriend my girlfriend
Dreaming you
They break people
Jazz in my head
Things we can’t hide

Samthing Soweto’s Albums

Since the beginning of his musical career, Samthing Soweto has released a large number of albums worthy of a list.

Some of the albums include:

This N yes without rhythm
Kofifi Echoes
I will not return to the municipality
Nostalgic moments

Samthing Soweto Awards

2018 can be considered one of the most significant years of Samthing Soweto. Effortlessly, different categories, and awards.

Samthing Soweto prices include:

Music of the Year Award for South African collaboration (2018).
Standard price ovation in banks.
South African music award for the best song of the year (2018).
FRESH Fringe du Cap Award.
South African Music Awards for Best Composer Airplay Award (2018).

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