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Cape Town
African Culture

10 reasons you should visit South Africa

Here are ten reasons you should visit South Africa if you are thinking about where to go for holidays in Africa. There are many advantages to visiting South Africa. Not only is it is a fun place to go to,...

African Culture

Bumba; the god of vomit.

As he is popularly known, Bumba is the creator god in the religious mythology of central Africa. The boshongo/Kuba people of The democratic Republic of Congo. He is mainly called Mbombo. The God of vomit. In the Mbombo creation myth,...

African Culture

Ngai; The God of Kenya.

Ngai, also called enkai, engai, mwiai, and mweai is a monolithic Supreme God in the Kemba and kikuyu's spirituality, Kenya. He cannot be seen, but he is manifest. In the sun, the moon, the stars, comets, and meteors. Thunders and...

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