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African Fashion

Rihanna is set to launch Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin in Africa this May #FentyAfrica.

"I am a proud Bajan who also feels a strong connection to Africa and its people. I have had the pleasure and privilege of spending time on the continent and those experiences never leave you. Being able to bring Fenty...


Best ranked African countries in various sports(MEN) 

Best ranked African countries in various sports(MEN) In football Senegal 🇸🇳 ranks above every other country in the latest world ranking. Senegal national team In handball, Egypt 🇪🇬 kings African hand ball. Egypt handball national team Tunisia, fronts the game...

African Herbs

12 Amazing benefits of Bush buck(Utazi)

Gongonema latifolium, commonly known as Utazi, is a Heart-shaped leaf with a sharp, bittersweet taste. Utazi leaves are widely known in traditional medicine and used to treat various ailments. The leaves, which can be chewed, infused, or used for cooking,...

African Culture

A tale of Idemili, Aho, Afo, Nnewi and Nnobi.

It's quite noticeable in African traditions that the female gender had a prominent place in myth and indigenous religious and cultural concepts — the supernatural, a goddess, is female. For every cultural or traditional belief, there's a female god making...

African Culture

Bumba; the god of vomit.

As he is popularly known, Bumba is the creator god in the religious mythology of central Africa. The boshongo/Kuba people of The democratic Republic of Congo. He is mainly called Mbombo. The God of vomit. In the Mbombo creation myth,...

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