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African Culture

The burial ceremony of the Chewa tribe.

Chewa is a tribe from the Bantu people of South and Central Africa. Mostly from Malawi, since they have the largest of their ethnic groups there. Phiri and Banda are the largest clans, populating with about 1.5 million people. The...

African Culture

The wedding ceremony of the Ndebele people.

The Ndebele people are descendants of the Nguni tribe, said to have split from the great Zulus of South Africa. Like every other African culture, they have cultural practices that stand out. Marriage is a symbol in African cultures, and...

African Fashion


I love the style of African fashion. It comes in beautiful prints and patterns which have bold designs and eye-catching color combinations for those with an adventurous fashion sense. There are traditional and moderate shades for a moderate and tame...

Lies Caucasian Told About Africa
African History

Lies Caucasian Told About Africa

They tell us that our stories are not worth being universal models – that our stories are false, just because they don’t understand our heritage. They tell us that our ancestors were evil and that we should abandon them and...

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