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African Herbs

Rosary pea, the poisonous yet medicinal plant.

Botanical Name: Abrus precatorius. Common Names: Jequirity bean, Crabs eye, Love bean, Lucky bean, Prayer beads, Indian licorice, Gunga, Rosary pea, and Wild licorice. African names: Hausa - Da marzaya Igbo - Anya nnunu Yoruba - Iwere_jeje / ojuologbo Tiwi...

African Herbs

Health Benefits of Girdlepod

Do you know Girdlepod? Girdlepod is a plant originating from West Africa and has long been used for traditional medicine. Girdlepod has branched stems with small green leaves and small white flowers in the middle. Girdlepod (Mitracarpus scaber) is locally...