How To Prepare Delicious Ojojo (Yam Donuts) With This Simple Guide

Prepare delicious Ojojo (yam donuts) with this simple guide Ojojo is a water yam snack that is delicious and requires very little time to prepare. Looking for a new cooking recipe? Taste your hands on this simple Icokore delicacy (water yam) Below is a simple guide to preparing Ojoja. INGREDIENTS FOR OJOJO Water yam Chopped…

How To Prepare Chichinga Pyaj Posto (Snake Gourd with Poppy Seeds)

Chichinga Pyaj Posto (snake squash with poppy seeds) The posto is a traditional Bengali dish. The dish is slightly spicy, and the poppy or poppy seed is the star of the meal. Here, I present the percentage of snake / chichinga squash. Snake gourd is a seasonal vegetable and tastes fantastic when cooked with support….