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The morning cockcrow and it’s African cultural interpretation

Like we all know, the African culture is deeply rooted in nature, and so much in believes in the MORNING. 

Cock crow in Africa
Cock crow in Africa

It’s believed that ”life” begins in the Morning, and the timekeeper of the Morning is the cock. The cock crows to sign on the DAWN, the earliest part of the Morning, and it is the Morning that shows the day.

In African culture, the sign of the early Morning in cultural Africa is in the Morning’s natural tune, which could also be called the natural “Continental” anthem of the MORNINGS.

Here are some African proverbs about cock crows

“Where the rooster crows, there is a village.”

“A dead cock never crows.”

“A foreign cock can never crow in a foreign country.”

“A foreign cock can never crow in a foreign country.”

“After the evil cross, the crown has come.”

Francis Chidera
the authorFrancis Chidera
Popularly known as Chokolate is a content creator. A lover of simplified words making it easy to get to a wider audience. It pains to see that Africans are forgetting and neglecting who they are, hence, I am passionate about reminding us of our culture. I work with 54history on the African culture category, to achieve this aim.

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