Withing the space of two days, more than 15 public places has been emptied and burnt by angry thugs in Calabar, Cross River State

Withing the space of two days, Calabar, cross river state, more than 15 public places has been emptied and burnt by angry thugs.

Calabar has been in a state of emergency since the discovery of the way house. Since then there have have been reports of looting, stealing, vandlaization and burning of government properties, government individual’s houses and properties and other public and private properties.




Here is the list.


Atakpa police

All banks at mayne avenue rd attack

Politicians houses on attack

Nddc offices down

Highway banks shut down

Etagbor banks and shops /transport shut down

Unicem truck hijack by atimbo boys with lots of cements taken

Ibedmore phone shop on fire.

Shopping mall down

Goldstone down

1st bank down @8miles

Watt shops some are down

Ministry of works burn down

Carnivalcalabar properties like speakers,lightening,stage,rock carpet,mics,amplifier,mic stands etc

Mbukpa police down

Afukam police station warming for visitors

Shooting at watt

Egerton with massive shooting

Bulavaad in etagbor involved

Unical under attack, boys are stealing laptops, desktop computers etc.


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